“The St. Patrick”

“The Dubai Special”

“The Voyage of Tahiti”


The Above creations are just a sample of my special commissions. Contact me for details.

Don’t think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.Learn More ”BESPOKE SADDLES OF DISTINCTION” Kevin Doyle 087 6803 409  


Every good jockey needs their own exercise /work saddle at the ready. Nothing worse than arriving into a yard to discover all saddles are in use !!!  You’ve tried the rest, now have the best.

My name is Kevin Doyle and I’m a ”Saddle-Man”.

Formerly with ”Berney Bros” & ”M.J.O’ BRIEN” respectively. I make all types of  saddles including my own very special ”Curragh” creation of half-tree exercise/work saddles. They are made of 100% all leather and a strong reinforced steel and laminated beech wood tree. I use buffalo girth straps for added safety.

All my saddles are ”Bespoke” and individually micro-chipped. I can also initial to your personal requirements. Standard size and weigh between 6 & 8 Lbs, also colours of your choice including black!!! Proving very popular among my clients, I have delivered 11 saddles to the yard of J.H.R.  Moone, Co. Kildare with a further 4 on order. Along with fancy stitching on the knee pads, they also went for initials J.H.R. behind the knee.  These saddles have earned their worth over, in the training of champion race horses such as No.6 Valverdy, Nick Name, Sizing John etc-etc to name but a few.

As from now Sept 2019, all my Saddles are reinforced at the flap bottoms and, they are also bound leather all around.

You’ve tried the rest, Now use the best!

Prices start at €430.

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 Thank you for your time.

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 Kind regards,

 Kevin Doyle.