Emma Harrington  Thu, Feb 15, 2018
JHR Racing

“Hi Kevin, Robert Power rode in your saddle today and loved it. I would like to go ahead with the order of 4 saddles in black with the stitching and initials JHR”


Jessica Harrington Tue, Sept 11, 2018
JHR Racing

“Kevin’s exercise saddles are fantastic quality,  fit our horses very well and our work riders love riding them. I would highly recommend them”


Warren O’Connor Thurs, 20 September 2018

I’m Warren O’Connor was a professional jockey and Classic winning jockey have ridden horses all over the world. I ride work for Jessica Harrington and I use Kevin Doyle’s Saddle and have to say one of the best exercise saddles I have ever ridden in. I’m a jockey coach now and use this saddle on my Simulator.”


Adam Farragher Mon, May 21, 2018
Jockey Supermo

“These Saddles are outstanding in their field. They are extremely comfortable to both horse and rider which is very essential. I can ride long or short at ease, they fit any horse, no matter the size and never slips or moves about even on a young narrow horse. Most importantly they are finished to a very high standard and you can even have your own saddle personalised. I am very pleased with my purchase. I highly recommend Kevin Doyle Saddles to any persons working in the horse industry.”


Leanne Holton  Fri, 18th Jan, 2019
Gordon Elliot Racing

Dear Kevin,

Many thanks for letting us use your saddle, please find below a testimonial from Gordon regarding your product.

“We are very happy to be using the Appro Saddle, its quality is superb, it provides comfort to the rider as well as an excellent fit for the horse and I would have no problem in highly recommending them ”